Walabot API Beta
All you need to know to create a Walabot Application
Overview of Walabot Application

Walabot is a pocket-sized device that provides cutting-edge technology for Radio Frequency (RF) tridimensional (3D) sensing and image processing, enabling sophisticated applications such as:

  • Breathing monitoring
  • Object tracking and fall detection
  • In-wall pipe and wire detection

Several sample applications are provided, and Walabot's flexible API enables you to create your own applications to access Walabot as a peripheral. With Walabot connected via USB and the Walabot SDK installed, your custom application can use Walabot's API to receive various types of processed and unprocessed images. The application can then use image data as needed, including performing additional processing such as tracking changes between images to identify movement.

To create your application, first understand what Walabot can do as explained in Imaging Features. You can then design high-level application flows according to the Imaging Tasks, and implement in code with the functions listed in Code Implementation Flow. There is also an Code Examples that may be of help.

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